Our innovative REEMAQ-INSPECT product helps companies and their customers drive value from Vehicle Inspection Management. REEMAQ-INSPECT provides a seamless, integrated system, ensuring vehicle inspection processes are more streamlined, more accessible and more efficient. REEMAQ-INSPECT is delivered through a Consumer facing or Business facing App.

REEMAQ-INSPECT-BUSINESS can be used to inspect a wide range of vehicles including cars, bikes, LCVs, HGVs, caravans and salvage. As REEMAQ-INSPECT-BUSINESS is highly configurable, our clients can create inspection processes, damage, repair and pricing templates to suit their individual requirements. The app is available on both iOS and Android and the web-based Inspection Portal allows for the management of all configuration and inspection data, including emailing and printing of inspection reports. REEMAQ-INSPECT-BUSINESS also enables your customers to review and approve damage including downloading and printing inspection reports.

Available features include:
  • Based on Barcode, Registration or VIN, REEMAQ-INSPECT will automatically retrieve a number of vehicle data fields including Manufacturer, Make, Model, Body shape, Derivative, Body Color and fuel type.
  • REEMAQ-INSPECT can be configured to ensure a user can complete an offsite inspection even if a vehicle is not known.
  • Users can upload multiple images linked to the customer inspection requirements.
  • Preloaded flat car diagrams with tyres/wheels relating to body type are used to capture vehicle data and damage, with the ability to capture damage type, size and count then apply an associated repair method which can be aligned to various industry standards.
  • Captures damage type/size/count and apply an associated repair method which can be aligned to various industry standards.
  • Automatically calculate an industry or customer specific damage point or grade system for a vehicle each time a damage line has been entered.
  • Configurable pricing auto-populates against each damage line.
  • Capture an Inspector and Customer Signature
  • Inspection portal to manage configuration, inspection reports and customer authorisations.

REEMAQ-INSPECT-CUSTOMER is an iOS and Android based App that enables a consumer to complete a guided vehicle inspection. REEMAQ-INSPECT-CUSTOMER has been designed and built for the consumer who does not understand the components of a vehicle or the complexity of capturing damage.

Available features include:
  • Supports a range of tailored body and axle types including Hatchback, Saloon, SUV, Estate, Pick Up, Vans and Motorbikes.
  • Guided workflow to enable non specialists to complete a vehicle inspection.
  • Prompts to ensure users complete all necessary steps.
  • Repair and damage can be configured for different customer types and to BVRLA or associated standards.
  • Pricing can be configured for different customers.
  • Supports image capture, keys, documents, options, damage capture, inspection summary.
  • Configure elements within each section.
  • Inspection report generated and emailed to the asset owner and consumer upon completion.

REEMAQ-INSPECT could be right for your business.

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