Increasingly, holders of used vehicle inventory are turning away from disposal strategies to develop value enhanced remarketing plans. Essential to this is the exploitation of multiple channels to market for the used vehicle inventory in order to maximise the economic value of the used cars and commercial vehicle. The successful remarketer has the management information to develop strategies that optimise the key remarketing variables of speed of sale, cost of re-sale and ultimate net sales proceeds. Reemaq has the applications to support the decision making of this complex landscape and allow which of the diverse routes to market for asset is the appropriate one at any given time

REEMAQ-INSIGHT provides the successful remarketer with the data and insight to effectively manages the optimum point in time to de-fleet your vehicle. The application has a seamless approach to the many facets of remarketing and glues all processes & systems together. The benefits include effective management of the fleet for multiple remarketing sales channels. It puts the remarketer in control as it provides visibility for end to end used vehicle inventory management through an intuitive, clear and easy to use interface.

REEMAQ-INSIGHT supports effective decision making by incorporating a flexible rules based engine enabling fast channel and supplier selection. With full integration of your supply chain including logistics, inspections, refurbishment and sales giving complete control of fleet operations.

Available features include:
  • Access a single source of truth with regard to vehicle valuation.
  • Pro-actively manage your re-marketing channels to achieve best sales results and minimise days to sell.
  • Manage vehicle valuation based on external data points, mileage and age rules.
  • Access insight in relation to supplier performance and metrics across all suppliers (remarketing, transport & refurbishment).
  • Integrate inspection and refurbishment data for remarketing including images, service data and damage.

REEMAQ-INSIGHT could be right for your business.

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